Stop Traffick! Statement on 7th EU Anti-Trafficking Day

Posted: 17th October, 2013


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In the last 7 years the 18th of October has become the day to remember the modern slavery that mars all EU Member States. It is also a day to condemn this slavery and to propose solutions to fight it. The five partners in the STOP Traffick! Initiative highlight the solution that they passionately believe will deliver results in the fight against human trafficking, and in particularly its most prevalent form – sexual exploitation. This is the efficient reduction of demand for services from trafficked individuals.

STOP Traffick![1] is an EC ISEC funded project[2] that explores efficient strategies to reduce the demand for services of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, and endeavours to produce useful toolkits for training and awareness-raising on the role demand plays in this modern form of exploitation.

The recent EUROSTAT[3]report shows that trafficking for sexual exploitation is the most wide-spread form of human trafficking, and that women and girl constitute the majority of victims. At the same time, it is evidently clear that men who purchase sex are the force that fuels the demand for this exploitation.  It is imperative that the men who purchase sexual services are aware of the consequences their actions cause. It is also hugely important that every society is aware of human trafficking and takes an interest in it as a phenomenon but also as a burning problem that needs to be addressed.

What will be the most powerful messages and actions that will provoke this interest and prevent exploitation is a matter for STOP Traffick! to establish and present in 2014. Meanwhile, they are sending a message to the citizens in their five countries – Ireland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland and Lithuania on the occasion of the 7th EU Anti-trafficking Day:

Purchasing sex  harms victims of human trafficking and makes you culpable in the heinous crime of modern-day slavery and exploitation.




[1] STOP TRAFFICK is a trans-national initiative comprised of five European partners: The Immigrant Council of Ireland, the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Centre Lithuania, MONIKA-Multicultural Women’s Association Finland, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies Cyprus. For more information visit