Stop Traffick Independent Evaluation by Dr Jane Pillinger


“Stop Traffick: Tackling Demand for Sexual Services of Trafficked Women and Girls” Full Report

STOP TRAFFICK – full report 


Stop Traffick! – Learning Toolkit


Stop Traffick!  Tackling Demand for Sexual Services of Trafficked Women and Girls,  Summary Report

Stop Traffick – Summary


“Tackling Human Trafficking – The Role of Prostitution Politics” – Presentation by Venla Roth, National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Finland

Venla Roth Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014 


“The Swedish Model to Address Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation” – Presentation by Simon Haggstrom, Detective Inspector with the Prostitution Unit of the Stockholm Police Force

Simon Haggstrom Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014


“Prostitution, Coercion and Consent” – Presentation by Prof Roger Matthews, University of Kent & Advisor to the UK Parliament All-Party Group on Prostitution

Prof Roger Matthews Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014


“Profiling Victims of Human Trafficking” – Presentation by John O’Reilly, Consultant in Human Trafficking Victim’s Identification & Behaviour

John O’Reilly Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014


“Tackling Demand for Sexual Services from Trafficked Women and Girls” – Presentation by Nusha Yonkova, Immigrant Council of Ireland’s Anti-Trafficking Coordinator

Nusha Yonkova Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014


“The Brussels’ Call ‘Together for a Europe free from Prostitution'” – Presentation by Pierrete Pape, European Women’s Lobby Policy Officer

Pierrette Pape Presentation, Vilnius 19.06.2014


EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom’s Video Message at Stop Traffick! Conference

Cecilia Malmstrom Video Address


Full Address by Denise Charlton, CEO of the Immigrant Council of Ireland at the Transnational Stop Traffick! Conference


 Full Denise Charlton speech to the Stop Traffick Conference


Opening Address by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy, founder of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, at the Transnational Stop Traffick! Conference


Full Sr Stanislaus Kennedy Address at Stop Traffick Conference


Nusha Yonkova, Anti-Trafficking Coordinator at the Immigrant Council, “Stop Traffick: Tackling Demand for Sexual Services of Trafficked Women and Girls”


Nusha Yonkova Stop Traffick! Research


Dr. Monica O’Connor “Consent: the Defining Factor in Legitimising the Purchase of a Person for Sex in Ireland”

Monica O’Connor Powerpoint Presentation


Professor Roger Matthews: “Addressing the Demand for Commercial Sexual Services”



Dr. Venla Roth’s Address at Stop Traffick! Conference

Dr Venla Roth Full Speech


Anna Zobnina, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies Presentation at Stop Traffick! Conference


Anna Zobnina MIGS Presentation


Pirjo Sohlo, MONIKA Multicultural Women’s Association of Finland Presentation at Stop Traffick! Conference


Pirjo Sohlo MONIKA Presentation

Karen McHugh, CEO of Doras Luimní: Efficient Strategies to Reduce Demand for Sexual Services of Victims of Trafficking

Karen McHugh Doras Luimni Presentation


Hilkka Becker, Senior Solicitor at the Immigrant Council


Victims of Human Trafficking and the Importance of Legal Immigration Status on the Road to Recovery


John Cunningham, Chairman of the Immigrant Council, Closing Remarks at Stop Traffick! Conference

Chair of the Immigrant Council of Ireland John Cunningham’s Address


 Stop Traffick! Ezine 3



 Stop Traffick! International Conference March 27th 2014 Agenda

Stop Traffick! Transnational Conference Agenda


Stop Traffick! International Conference March 27th 2014 Flyer

Save the Date Stop Traffick Conference Invite


Stop Traffick! Media Coverage 2013 

STOP TRAFFICK Press Releases and Coverage


Stop Traffick! Case Studies


Stop Traffick! The Learning Toolkit: Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

Stop Traffick! Initiative Partners, 2013



Stop Traffick! Ezine 2


Stop Traffick! Training Module Flyer

Stop Traffick! Initiative Partners, 2013 

Stop Traffick! Flyer


 Legal and Policy Context Document- Draft Paper

Research Chapter – Legal and Policy context Document- Draft Paper


 Stop Traffick! Ezine 1



A National Overview Of Prostitution And Sex Trafficking Demand Reduction Efforts, Final Report 

Michael Shivley, Ph. D, Kristina Kilorys, Kristin Wheeler, Dana Hunt, Ph. D
June 2012
View PDF 

Tackling The Demand That Fosters Human Traficking

Produced for the Social Transition Team, August 2011
View PDF 

Focusing On The Clients Of Street Prostitutes: A Creative Approach To Reducing Violance Against Women

Martin A. Monto
View PDF 

Trafficking – A Demand Led Problem? A Multi-Country Study

Bridget Anderson and Julia O’Connell Davidson
View PDF 

Best Practices To Address The Demand Side Of Sex Trafficking

Donna M. Hughes
View PDF 

Between Demand And Supply: A Regional Analysis Of The Supply And Demand For Sex Services And Trafficking In Hungary, Poland, Slovakia And Slovenia

Gabriel Bianchi, Miroslav Popper and Ivan Luksik
View PDF

Men Who Buy Sex: Who They Buy And What They Know?

Melissa Farley, Julie Bindel and Jacqueline M. Golding
View PDF

Attitudes And Social Characteristics Of Men Who Buy Sex In Scotland

Mellissa Farley, Jan Macleod, Lynn Anderson, and Jacqueline M. Golding
View PDF

Comparing Sex Buyers With Men Who Don’t Buy Sex: “You Can Have A Good Time With The Servitude” Vs. “You’re Supporting A System Of Degredation”

Melisa Farley, Emily Schuckman, Jacqueline M.Golding, Kristen Houser, Laura Jarret, Peter Qualliotine, Michele Decker
View PDF

Deconstructing The Demand For Prostitution: Preliminary Insights From Interviews With Men Who Purchase Sex

Rachel Durchslag and Samir Goswami
View PDF

Combating Sex Trafficking: A Perpetrator-Focused Approach

Donna M. Hughes
View PDF