Klaipeda To Host International Conference on Demand for Sexual Services

Posted: 21st May, 2014

 On the 19th and 20th of July Klaipeda Social and Psychological Support Centre in Lithuania will host an international conference as part of the Stop Traffick! Initiative on “Deconstructing the Demand for Sexual Services: Prevention of Exploitation through Prostitution and Sex Trafficking”. It is being organised in collaboration with member of the Lithuanian Parliament Ms. V. V. Margevičienė. The conference will discuss the demand for sexual services, explore ways of decreasing prostitution and examine practices to help victims of sex trafficking, while raising awareness about these issues in Lithuania. Prostitution is illegal in Lithuania, however, only a very small percentage of people using sexual services are penalized.

 The latest research from the Stop Traffick! Initiative shows that in Lithuania individuals under 25 years old are most interested in purchasing sexual services. It is vital to communicate the importance of penalizing the purchase of sex, as legislation  plays a huge role in formulating the values of young people. The hope is that by drawing people’s attention to sex trafficking the conference will help promote values of respect, dignity, equality, and healthy relationships between men and women. This conference will include speakers from across Europe who will share their experience of fighting sex trafficking in their own countries, and hopes to generate ideas on how best to reduce sex trafficking.