Posted: 9th October, 2013

Council of Europe pic 

The first report on Ireland by human-trafficking expert group GRETA was published by the Council of Europe on the 26th of September 2013. The report, compiled following a 5-day visit of the group to Ireland last year, makes a number of timely recommendations to the Irish Government including:



  • Involving NGOs and other Civil Society members in the development and implementation of anti-trafficking policy, and the evaluation of anti-trafficking efforts.


  • Formalising the role and input of specialised NGOS and other relevant actors to ensure that all victims of trafficking are properly identified


  • Setting up specialised shelters for victims of trafficking, rather than accommodating them in centres for asylum seekers which are lacking in gender sensitivity, and involving NGOs as support providers in this area.


  •  Adopting new immigration legislation, putting the rights of victims of trafficking to support and protection on a statutory footing, regardless of the victim’s nationality or immigration status.


  • Strengthening action against trafficking for the purposes of labour exploitation and making greater efforts to discourage demand for the services of persons trafficked for this purpose


  • Paying greater attention to prevention and protection measures regarding the extreme vulnerability of children to trafficking, as well as implementing a specific identification mechanism which takes into account the special circumstances and requirements of child victims of trafficking.


  • Adopting a provision on non-punishment of victims of trafficking for their involvement in unlawful activities, to the extent that they were compelled to do so, as well as addressing the low number of prosecutions and convictions for human trafficking, and the length of court proceedings on these cases.


  • Ensuring that avenues for compensation are easily accessible to trafficked persons.


  • Continuing to improve the knowledge and sensitivity of relevant professionals on human trafficking and victim rights.


Stop Traffick and the ICI welcome the recommendations of the GRETA Report and call on the Irish Government to implement them as soon as possible. We also hope, however, that the Government goes beyond the recommendations outlined, and takes the initiative to tackle the main cause of human trafficking in Ireland: the demand for the sex industry. 


 Read the full GRETA Report on Ireland here