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Welcome to the latest EZINE for the STOP TRAFFICK! Project. Here you can follow the project’s progress, check out our activities so far and find out what to expect in the coming months.


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 What is the STOP TRAFFICK! Project?

STOP Traffick! is a transnational project on reduction of demand for the sexual services of victims of human trafficking and is funded by the European Commission under the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme. The project will explore attitudes of people who buy sex and their views of human trafficking; this will inform awareness raising initiatives targeting buyers or potential buyers of sex in order to prevent them from purchasing victims of sex trafficking. It will also develop new ways to report suspicion that someone is a victim of trafficking in order to assist that person in accessing support. Ultimately the project aims to help reduce the demand for victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and provide protection and support for victims of this heinous crime.

Who are we?

The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) is an organisation where migrant and Irish people work together to provide information, support and legal advice to immigrants and their families. The ICI is very active in lobbying for legislative and policy reforms and has contributed to some very significant reforms, as well as to attitudinal change and improved understanding of issues facing migrants in Ireland.

Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation works since its inception in 1998 on research, awareness raising, education, monitoring and proposing legislation and policy in the field of gender equality and protection of women against violence in all its forms – domestic violence, trafficking in women, sexual harassment at the workplace, etc.

Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Centre’s (Lithuania) vision is to have women, children, and families socially and psychologically safe in a spiritually harmonious society. We work in cooperation with National and international NGO’s, along with the Department of Social Support at KlaipedaMunicipality. 

Monika – Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland operates as the umbrella organization for several associations for women of ethnic minorities. We support efforts to enhance cultural tolerance and promote a safe everyday life for everyone. We support the wellbeing of migrant women in different forms. We encourage migrant women to participate actively in social issues and we provide services and guidance to victims of domestic violence.

The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Cyprus (MIGS) is a non-profit organisation which promotes and contributes to projects of social, political, and economic themes relating to gender with an emphasis on the Mediterranean region. It is committed to the elimination of this discrimination using a combination of research, advocacy and lobbying, as well as trainings, conferences, and other activities. 


What have we accomplished so far?

 Working meeting in Bulgaria

At the beginning of September the partners met in Bourgas, Bulgaria for the third of our working meetings. The meeting was chaired by Nusha Yonkova, project coordinator and Genoveva Tisheva, director of the hosting partner, the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, with other partners from Finland (MONIKA), Lithuania (KSPSC) and Cyprus (MIGS) also participating. 

Burgas Meeting Stop TraffickThis meeting followed a period of four months of intensive field research in Lithuania, Bulgaria and an on-line survey in Finland, to explore the opinion of buyers of sex in relation to the existence of vulnerability and human trafficking within the sex industry and the measures that could potentially deter them from using sexual services from victims of human trafficking. The partners presented their methodology and experiences, and offered comments of the first draft of the research report that was being collated by the lead partner, the Immigrant Council of Ireland. The meeting also discussed other pieces of work carried out under the project such as a report containing real life case studies of human trafficking, the training toolkit programme and evaluation templates. The meeting incorporated a pilot training session with the draft toolkit.


Stop Traffick! Training Toolkit Launched

 Based on information on the existing demand reduction strategies and the referral mechanisms for buyers and potential buyers who wish to report human trafficking, an outreach module was designed for training of various audiences presenting the crime of human trafficking, its signs and possible responses when suspicion arises. The Outreach module was tested in Pilot sessions with real audiences in Ireland and in Bulgaria, during the partner.

The training programme is being launched in Ireland, and will be rolled out                                                               across the other partner countries during 2014. The training programme will be offered first to Irish Transport companies, as their staff members are the first professionals encountering possible victims of trafficking upon their transportation to Ireland. The aims of the training are: 

IMAGE male money

 To raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking

To explain the role demand plays in fostering this crime

  • To appeal to buyers and potential buyers among the participants not to engage in sexual exploitation of women and girls
  • To equip staff with the knowledge of how to respond if they suspect someone is a victim of trafficking


For more information read the full press release here



  •  We are looking forward to our upcoming working meeting in Helsinki in January 2014, where we will evaluate our progress and improve the project by learning from the Finnish experience. 
  • The Stop Traffick! Partners are looking forward to participating in the second EU Anti-Trafficking Civil Society Forum in December 2013, and exchanging ideas and information with other EC ISEC funded initiatives on this issue.


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