EU Commissioner For Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom Sends Message to Stop Traffick! Conference

Posted: 31st March, 2014

Cecilia Malmstrom, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, sent a very strong message last week to the participants and audience at the Transnational Stop Traffick! Conference, hosted by the Immigrant Council of Ireland at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. 

Cecilia Malmstrom











Speaking via video link Commissioner Malmstrom stated clearly that “we need to discourage the demand that lies behind all forms of exploitation through all means available: legislative, administrative, educational, social and cultural”.  She passionately spoke about the terrible exploitation which is perpetuated by the sex industry, in which even children are abused, saying that “sexual exploitation only exists because there is a demand for it”. 


The Commissioner welcomed the work done by the Stop Traffick! Project, and stressed the importance of this research in the fight against trafficking and sexual exploitation. Watch her full address here